Paul Sr.

Paul Teutul, Sr.

Paul Teutul, Sr.
The Founder

Known to the world as the massive and mustachioed father, in a sleeveless tee with tattooed biceps bulging, who owns a custom bike shop, thanks to Discovery Channel’s hit reality series American Chopper, Paul Teutul Sr. has been the forefront of Orange County Choppers for more than ten years. OCC originally started as a sideline to his steel manufacturing business, which was founded in the 1970’s. Paul Sr began building custom motorcycles on the side as a hobby and in 1999, he founded, the now world famous, Orange County Choppers.Paul Sr. Timeline.

  • Iron Works – Fresh out of the merchant marine, Senior works on various welding and fabrication jobs. Realizing he can do the job better than his employers, he starts Paul’s Welding. Eventually this becomes Orange County Ironworks, a 30-person business.
  • Basement Bikes – Senior’s love for motorcycles and tinkering becomes an obsession. In his Montgomery basement, he customizes his 1974 Superglide into the Sunshine Bike.
  • Taking it on the Road – The Sunshine Bike leads to True Blue, the first chopper Senior made from original parts. Attention follows at bike shows in Daytona and Laconia, and Orange County Choppers is officially in business.
  • Going Pro – Hard work and a little luck lead Senior and his Rock Tavern crew to a documentary film crew, and within months, Paul Senior is a household name. In 2008 OCC opened a new HQ in Newburgh, NY with over 50 employees making over 100 bikes each year.

Paul Sr. Timeline

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Iron Works

Basement Bikes

Taking it on the Road

Going Pro